A Week in Lanzarote

My myself and my better half visited Lanzarote this month. We opted for a one week stay in Puerto del Carmen. We decided to go on a typical cheap brain dead trip that didn’t involve complicated museum visits, city tours or heaps of walking. We are so Wanderlust right?


Location, location, location

Lanzarote is a volcanic, black and barren island. This may be unappealing for some as it is not overrun with plush green lawns or yards. The majority of buildings are stark white in colour and some hotels can look out of place plonked in the middle of a quarry-type landscape.

Lanzarote is small, yet diverse. It has multiple communes but is dominiated mostly by British Expats. Puerto Del Carmen is the strip, the urban section with shops and restaurants running along side the beach. It is right next to the airport so you can watch the planes going in and out.

Playa Blanca is a more beautiful place, with green sea, palm trees and less congestion.

Arrecife is the capital, with an impressive beach and commercial centre.

Arrieta is a surfer’s paradise, it is a small town in Haría with surfing schools. Based on the North of the island is windy making it slightly cooler but the waves are hard to beat.


We stayed in Hotel Aeqora Sentido Lanzarote. It is a modern four star hotel with apartment type rooms and over 368 vacancies. It boasts five pools and close proximity to Puerto Del Carmen beach.



Wifi is not readily available and when it is it is rarely very strong. Most attractions such as Rancho Texas, Beaches and popular restaurants will not have any wifi. Mobile data was good and strong enough for Google Maps, it will cost you a fortune so work offline where possible.



3 Things About Your First Time

Is your first time something you  are thinking about a lot? Do you wonder when it will happen? If you are too old or too young for it to happen? It has become more and more common for people to look up stories and experiences of having sex before doing it for the first time.


1. Things Will Get Icky
Sex is a bit icky. It involves the exchange of bodily fluids and well, you will sweat a lot! In the movies it looks beautiful and composed, but that is staged and everyone can admit that sex can be a little gross for your first time! In the full picture though this is not something to be examined.

giphy (1).gif

2. Physical Toll
You don’t need to be a marathon runner to have sex. However, it does require some strength and stamina. You will be very tired afterwards so maybe do a quick warm up! Ten jumping Jack’s should do it! You know when you want to get your a piercing but you are too anxious about it because of the pain? That is kind of like having sex for the first time. It’s gonna smart at first but you will be delighted with yourself after it! For some people It can even feel unnatural. But it will take a couple of time to get used to it.

giphy (2).gif

3. Bodily transformations
How did that get like that! How did that stretch? How did that get in  there and oh my god it looks like a cyclops. Shocking right? But it is true, our bodies transform in preparation for sexual activity. You can be certain about one thing, things won’t be the same again!

giphy (3).gif

Most important thing? Sex is great and there is absolutely no rush.

The Politics & Fear of Blogging

After blogging for almost two years now, it seems the blogger fear has raised its unwanted head and is causing me some anxiety. In a society where everyone and their mother is either  a blogger or and knows a blogger, politics and sides form along online communities.

It seems everyone is afraid to talk to each other for fear of being targeted. I blame comment sections and over sensitive people. But mostly comment sections.

Here are some of the most common issues fuelling blogger politics and blogger fear at present.


Many content creators are happy to post media and leave it up without seeking advice or criticism. Personally, I have a small yet substantial number of loyal social media users in my community who can always call me out  on something.

For example if a post is sub standard or not fitting in with my general Rebecca Doran Blog theme. Without these guys my blog would be a mess.

Constructive Criticism:

The only that keeps our blogs  growing is the fact that other people care about them. Many people will offer constructive criticism because they want to see you do well. However, some people are downright negative and it’s important to be able to distinguish between the two. For example.

Constructive criticism: I prefer when you take the photo from a different angle

Negative: You look gross from that angle

Push for criticism and promote positivity in your channel.

Have you ever had a run in with someone in a comments section for something you thought was ok to comment? Have you ever struggled to communicate back and forth with your favourite bloggers?

One Year On From Tinder

One year ago I met a lovely boy from Dublin. He brought me for coffee on and told me he thought my hair was cool. Two weeks later we booked a one week trip to Prague and Budapest for one week. We booked separate rooms, walked around Prague in the rain together and talked about everything. It was then I knew I’d found my best friend. To my one and only better half, Happy 1 Year Anniversary


An Eejit’s Guide to Getting A Contraceptive Implant 

Contraception is now more widespread in Ireland than ever. It takes form in many different shapes and sizes.

The contraceptive implant is growing more and more popular amongst women due to its low chance of side effects and high success rate. The device is called Nexplanon or Implanon (depending on where you buy it).

The device takes the form of a small bar or rod about the length of your thumb that is inserted via needle into your arm. It is an expensive procedure. I received it gratis at a Centre de Planification Familiale in France as a student and resident at the time.
The implant is >99% effective and I had no side effects. In Ireland, it is a lot more difficult getting this device.

Here are four things you should know:

1) Where to get it 

Your GP will not give it to you. You must buy it separately in a pharmacy. For this, you must first obtain a prescription from your doctor first.

The bar itself costs approximately €144 euros in Irish pharmacies.

2) Costs attached

IFPA (Irish Family Planning Association) prices the procedure at a whopping €429. Insertion and removal is priced at €230 and initial consultation is priced at €55. You must purchase the bar separately of your own accord.

Most centres and doctors offices will omit the price of the bar itself. Please note, the bar is €144.

3. When it expires

The bar lasts up to three years. That ‘up to’ is concerning as you can never be quite sure when it will run out.According to IFPA, GPs and nurses, there is no way to check if you are protected once the bar is inserted.

4. Success rate

The implant is >99% effective with only 1 in 1000 reporting pregnancy over the three years. It is one of the strongest methods of contraception.

Any questions? Check out http://www.IFPA.ie

Fashion Trend: Gold Circle Necklaces 

Gold Circle Necklaces – yep that is the technical term for them. If you know what they are more appropriately referred to as please comment below! Circle jewelry is a popular trend across Instagram at present. I see more and more content creators wearing them and I can’t get enough.

Such necklaces can be picked up online at Chupi. But If you’re looking for something on the high street try Primark, Topshop or River Island.

I bought an initial necklace in River Island. I wanted the gold circle jewelry on its own so I just flipped the necklace.

Below are some of my favourite picks from this month..

Goodnight all 😴 Taken on a Canon 60D 50mm f/1.8 #independentstyle

A photo posted by Vlogger 📹 (@rebeccadoranblog) on

The little happy head on me off to the launch of @magpie_ie magazine 🤓 #magpielaunch #babesofmissguided

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#nomakeup #nofilter #nofacetune #noangles #nofucksgiven 😂 I won't lie; I take about 20 selfies a day, trying to find that "perfect" angle for Instagram. Weirdly (and sadly) that perfect angle is always when I look a little less like myself and a little more angular; a little more symmetrical; a little more pouty and a little less puffy. This is not one of those perfect selfies. What it is, is a moment: that sun flare during a walk in the park with my ❤️ and my 🐶 when we had the whole day ahead of us and nothing seemed more important than us, right there, right then. (In an ideal world, I wouldn't have stopped to take a selfie, but you can't have everything.) 🙌🏻 * * * #selfie #selfimage #me #bodybeautiful

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What do you think of this trend?

3 Things No One Tells You About Getting Acrylic Nails

After recently having Acrylic Nails done and subsequently getting them removed in an emergency room type situation (aah) I am here to share three things you must know before getting acrylic nails. I had my nails on for three weeks. During which time I lost one on my index finger as you can see in the photo below. I had them done by a private, qualified nail technician.


1 They hurt.
Having acrylic nails applied is an ordeal. Your nails are whipped into shape and you’re sitting in a cloud of dust for most of it. Your nails will be filed down and acrylic is applied in direct proportions to the layers of nail which have been filed away.

2 They should be illegal.
No nail technician will recommend acrylic nails without being slightly hesitant. They suck compared to gel nails.

3 They hurt more.
A few days before I decided to get my acrylic nails removed I was opening a door and the nail on my right index finger flew off. I thought, great just nine more to go! Up until that point I could not run my fingers through my hair without strands getting caught under the base of the nail.

The following day the nail on my index finger on my left hand started to budge. The centre was still glued to my natural nail, hard. Everytime I touched something the weight of the acrylic would move my whole nail.

That evening I was in such pain. I rang the hospital who informed me doctors could not remove acrylic. Scary, huh? I took some pain relief, cried a lot and went to sleep.

The next day I traveled to Dublin to get the ghastly things removed. I was still in a lot of pain. I was certain the finger would need a local anesthetic as I could not touch it.

The nail technician was so sweet. She carefully clipped the nails and managed to remove them with a kind of ‘flicking’ motion. I was so glad once they were gone and my anxiety ceased.

For the sake of beauty, I would never opt for Acrylic nails again. Sure, they don’t chip or flick off but there is a reason people pay more to get Gel nails done.

Have you had Acrylic nails done before? What were they like?

Rebecca xo

Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics Review

Kylie Jenner released her own cosmetics line and it awesome. I purchased Dolce K and True Brown K, they were sold out so many time. I am thrilled I could get them. These lip kits have the strongest pigment of any liquid lipstick I have ever tried. Here is a summary.

  • They are awesome for Social Media pictures.
  • The pigment is insanely good.
  • Dolce K swatches are different in every light. It’s super dark.
  • The product comes off dreadfully – it crumbles and chips.
  • They are not practical for every make up.
  • They are not long wearing.
  • Colour Pop Lip Kits cosmetics are way better.

Dolce K does not feel great on the lips. It tends to crumble and crack on my bottom lip. It has super pigmentation and precise application with the doe foot wand. It is just not very comfortable.


These lip kits are really not that wearable. They feel like concrete and are tough to remove. Sometimes my lips are sore after wearing them, my top and bottom lip tend to drag across each other too.

They are really not that wearable. They feel like concrete and are tough to remove. Sometimes my lips are sore after wearing them, my top and bottom lip tend to drag across each other too.they are really not that wearable. They feel like concrete and are tough to remove. Sometimes my lips are sore after wearing them, my top and bottom lip tend to drag across each other too.


Source: @rebeccadoranirish Instagram


True Brown K crumbles like Dolce K but not as fast. It feels more comfortable. It is very stubborn to get off, only coconut oil will take it off. This one is a winner for me! I think I might have to wear it with the right makeup though.

The problem is, there is no product longevity. It came off of my lip after 3-4 hours.

After 4 hours

This is an honest review of my experience using the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. I love these for HD makeup and modelling for Instagram photos (the extent of my modelling). If you are looking for something long lasting, to wear to work and general every day wear, these are not for you.

Have you tried the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits? If so, what did you think?