5 Things I Learned From Keeping Up The Kardashians

Always Talk

You can call the Kardashians a lot of things but one thing if for sure, they are direct. They talk about all of their problems and concerns openly. You’ll soon see, they are never in a fight for too long!



Family first. No matter what – support each other.



Queen of contour? I think so. Kim K paved the way for beauty bloggers worldwide!



No matter how ludicrous your situation gets, remember you can always laugh. Like Scott.



Always take a step back and have perspective on life. If you’re having a bad, remember how Kim felt when she lost her earring in the ocean.

And let’s not forget the time Khloe was going to jail…


My Traveling Photography Kit

Hey folks! On my recent trip to Lanzarote I decided to go mad and bring whatever gear I had to test it out. I am still learning the ins and outs of photography and I thought it would be fun to share these bits and pieces with you.

Before travelling, I knew that I would be taking the majority of my shots on my camera phone. A couple of weeks ago I purchased the LGG4 smartphone. It was dubbed to be the best camera phone of 2015, in particularly sporting an 8 mega-pixel front facing camera. I picked it up online and it is like a phone with a built in DSLR. No more sore arms!

Amazing video on the LGG4 showing the full specs here.


Waterproof Smartphone Case:
Lanzarote is a stunning island surrounded by beautiful beaches and vast amounts of ocean. We stayed in Puerto Del Carmen which is a location renowned for its water sports. I knew I would be spending my time jumping in swimming pools, paddling in the ocean and coasting around on a jet ski so I decided to invest in a waterproof case. I picked up the Frieq Waterproof Case in Hot Pink for Amazon.Com. It is not amazing, it’s pretty average. The top is air tight but I am not confident about the seal. It is a plastic and clips over the transparent bag. So I would be similarly happy using a freezer food bag!71Na+FKnoUL._SL1500_ (1).jpg


Olixar 3-in-1 Lens
A detachable lens for your smart phone, what will they think of next? I purchased the Olixar Photography Kit. I made a video which you can watch here.IMG_3016.JPG

Selfie Stick
There is nothing new about the selfie stick! They are pretty handy. I got on with the Olixar Photography Kit. We got amazing shots while hiking in Barcelona last year. I didn’t use the selfie stick very much. There were not many opportunities to.


Tripod for Smartphone
This was part of the kit too and was a last minute idea. Timelapse is the latest photography craze for me. I didn’t use the tripod with the Olixar kit. It was far too risky and my phone fell out three or four times setting up.


Goose Tripod for Smartphone
This turned out to be pretty crap. I bought it in Dealz and thought it was the bomb.com. It kept moving when I tried attaching it to my bike and I didn’t feel like any of it was secure. I left it behind as I didn’t see the purpose of having it.

Canon EOS 60D
Ah. My trusty camera. Granted, I still don’t know how to use 70% of the functions it sure makes me feel like I know what I am doing! I used my Canon 60D for a lot of my portrait close-ups which you can see on my Instagram page. I use a Canon STM 50mm f\1.8 Lens



If you have questions, comment below🙂
Rebecca xo

Rose Gold Brushes by My Make Up Brush Set Review

I received the Rose Gold and Nude Princess brush set by My Make Up Brush Set.

I love them. They blend my products like a dream. I use the brushes with liquid, powder and cream. They work best with powder. I don’t own the original Zoeva set but they can’t be much better than this I imagine. They work best with powder products as the loose bristles give you incredible blending power. The brushes are soft and not dense.

The brushes are incredibly functional even though they do not have that expensive feel to them. They are made from high grade synthetic hairs.

Set Includes:

Flat Top Kabuki Brush


This brush works best with liquid foundation. It is a great buffer brush. It leaves no lines in the skin and is extra soft.

Contour Brush


I love this brush. This one I expected not to love but it blew me away. This is one of the softest, flexible most fluid contour brushes I have ever used. It is very smooth and the bristles bend nicely on the skin. Most contour brushes are too dense to actually bend the product and end up moving it around. 

Blush Brush


This is a very fluid brush. The synthetic hairs pick up product better than I expected and don’t swallow the product like other brushes.


This brush is one of the less practical brushes of the set. It’s a densely packed brush. It looks good but isn’t as good as my other eye brushes.

Flat Shader


Similarly this brush doesn’t function very well. As with most brush sets, one or two brushes won’t reach the bar and are lesser used than the others.

Crease Brush


Wing Liner Brush


Brow Brush


*I received this product free of charge. I was not paid for this content. All opinions are my own and they are honest.




​3 Rules You Must Break To Fully Experience Your Year Abroad

Erasmus Support
Most third level institutions will boast extensive Erasmus resources and activities for prospective students.


I am the that person who always texts when I have gotten home safe, the person who has to accompany someone home and would do vice versa. But on erasmus,  your usual mates aren’t there and Mammy isn’t leaving the porch light on for you to come home.

Safety is an important element of travel but it is something I comprised on while on my year abroad. For example: I walked alone – both in the town and mountains, I met up with people from the internet ( in public places), I jumped on trains without paying (it’s not cool by the way) and have quite a bit of back talk to some dodgy looking men on the corner of my rue.

I spent time with people I wouldn’t normally socialise with back home (Rastafarian, Asian community and Arabic community). Cultures I new nothing about. Some had questionable living circumstances and outlandish lifestyle choices some might question. For the most part I was naive and I didn’t really know who I was hanging around with. I had figured that if they were at uni they must not have been dangerous.

I spent money I did not have. Usually to buy things I did not need but only to fill a hole.


After my first eight weeks in Perignan, I lay in bed one night feeling lonely. I thought about how great it would be to have someone’s arms around me. It wash then I realised I had gone eight weeks without any real human toifu. I went from hugging my Dad every day to holding hands with my ex boyfriend and going to the cinema. I desperately missed that physical human connection. 

Are Millenials Craving 9-5 Jobs?

According to Forbes, the 9-5 working week is dying. More and more people are working for themselves and contracting their services. But is this the only reason?

Advances in technology and loop holes in Irish private busines law means we have live chat agents at 10pm and store sales assistants serving us up until 9pm.

Do millenials want a 9-5 working week? Short answer yes.

Many people between the ages of 18-35 are on zero hour contracts with notice of the next working week days given just 2 days in advance. 

Millenials are living pay check to pay check (yet immensely enjoying their disposable income) as age wise 18-25 is the sweet spot. You don’t have mortgage, probably take public transport and have mam and dad putting a roof over your head

Why I Won’t Be Buying A Repeal Jumper 

At the moment Ireland is awash with  REPEAL jumpers. It’s amazing to see so many people supporting choice and educating themselves on our current pregnancy laws. Men and women of all ages are stating their opinions through the form of black sweaters with white block lettering displaying the word REPEAL. Many are appealing for choice, appealing for change. 

The jumpers are in connection with  the campaign to repeal Ireland’s eight ammendment. A law set in place decades ago which prevents women from choosing to have an abortion. This law does not allow a woman to choose what happens with her pregnancy ergo she is stripped of the right to terminate.

Repeal is an organisation that advocates for  womens choice and support when it comes to abortion. 

This year Repeal launched an online to shop to fund their campaign. The shop has been a massive success with jumpers selling out in days. 

The same organisation released an eye opening video entitled We Face This Land which you can view here. The video had a resounding response and was met with a positive reception. The release of the video  undoubtedly strengthened the campaign to repeal the eight.l

So Rebecca, why aren’t you buying a jumper? Simply, I cannot. The jumpers have been ‘sold out’ since August with many people struggling to get their hands on this iconic piece of clothing.

Although they have been sold out, more and more people have been showing off their new jumpers on social media. Even Ruth Coppinger TD and the socialist party had  REPEAL jumpers to the Oireachtas. Freshly printed?

Having asked numerous times on Twitter and Instagram when the jumpers will be released to the public again, the best responses we have received is that it will be soon.

Marching today to #repealthe8th ❤️ "One ideology can't be imposed on others who don't share it" "People make mistakes. The options for women cannot be to abstain, give birth or die" – Tara Flynn 👏🏻 I had an unplanned pregnancy and miscarriage at 19, as I shared in my Draw My Life video on my channel…I knew then and I know now that abortion isn't for me. However, that doesn't mean that I'd ever wish to deny other women of the right to choose. All that said IF I fell pregnant from a rape, or if I faced fatal foetal abnormality, would I take the boat to England for an abortion? It's likely. How about we prevent the twelve women a DAY who go on average, from having to make that trip across the water by allowing our doctors to administer correct care here, at home? This isn't a pro-abortion movement…ideally, it would never be necessary. But that aint the world we live in, fam. A woman's right to choose can't be denied because of your own beliefs, and not hers 🙏🏻

A photo posted by Melanie Murphy (@melaniiemurphy) on

I will repeal the eight. I will vote for choice.  But I probably won’t be doing it in a REPEAL jumper.

How To Get A Contact Button on Instagram in Seconds 

Ever wondered how to get that professional looking Contact button on your Instagram page? Well keep reading. It’s totally free and easy to use.

You don’t to pay, have over 100k followers or promote your page.

To get the Contact button this is what you need to do. Go into Instagram Settings. When you scroll down you will see Switch to Business Page. It is free. From here you can enter the business contact details.

Any questions? Comment or tweet me x

A Visit to Playa Blanca

In hope of finding beautiful aqua water and white sands we decided to broaden our horizons. We visited Playa Blanca. We walked along the boardwalk. On the way we peered into some beautiful resorts and admired the stone walls. They reminded me a lot of the stone walls in the west of Ireland.

Soon after, we ate at Sebastyians Greek Restaurant.I had the pork with honey and pineapple. It was simply divine.

We took a stroll along the promenade. There was a nice breeze but even for September it was extremely warm.