Summer Holidays in Lanzarote.

In September 2016, Myself and my better half visited Lanzarote. We opted for a one week stay in Puerto del Carmen. We decided to go on a typical cheap package trip that didn’t involve complicated museum visits, city tours or heaps of walking. We are so Wanderlust right?


Playa Blanca


In hope of finding beautiful aqua water and white sands we decided to broaden our horizons. We visited Playa Blanca. We walked along the boardwalk. On the way we peered into some beautiful resorts and admired the stone walls. They reminded me a lot of the stone walls in the west of Ireland.

Soon after, we ate at Sebastyians Greek Restaurant.I had the pork with honey and pineapple. It was simply divine.

Location, location, location

Lanzarote is a volcanic, black and barren island. This may be unappealing for some as it is not overrun with plush green lawns or yards. The majority of buildings are stark white in colour and some hotels can look out of place plonked in the middle of a quarry-type landscape.

Playa de Papagayo

Lanzarote is small, yet diverse. It has multiple communes but is dominated mostly by British Expats. Puerto Del Carmen is the strip, the urban section with shops and restaurants running along side the beach. It is right next to the airport so you can watch the planes going in and out.




Playa Blanca is a more beautiful place, with green sea, palm trees and less congestion.

Arrecife is the capital, with an impressive beach and commercial centre.

Arrieta is a surfer’s paradise, it is a small town in Haría with surfing schools. Based on the North of the island is windy making it slightly cooler but the waves are hard to beat.

We stayed in Hotel Aeqora Sentido Lanzarote. It is a modern four star hotel with apartment type rooms and over 368 vacancies. It boasts five pools and close proximity to Puerto Del Carmen beach.

Famaras Beach, Haría


Wifi is not readily available and when it is it is rarely very strong. Most attractions such as Rancho Texas, Beaches and popular restaurants will not have any wifi. Mobile data was good and strong enough for Google Maps, it will cost you a fortune so work offline where possible.





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