​3 Rules You Must Break To Fully Experience Your Year Abroad

Erasmus Support
Most third level institutions will boast extensive Erasmus resources and activities for prospective students.


I am the that person who always texts when I have gotten home safe, the person who has to accompany someone home and would do vice versa. But on erasmus,  your usual mates aren’t there and Mammy isn’t leaving the porch light on for you to come home.

Safety is an important element of travel but it is something I comprised on while on my year abroad. For example: I walked alone – both in the town and mountains, I met up with people from the internet ( in public places), I jumped on trains without paying (it’s not cool by the way) and have quite a bit of back talk to some dodgy looking men on the corner of my rue.

I spent time with people I wouldn’t normally socialise with back home (Rastafarian, Asian community and Arabic community). Cultures I new nothing about. Some had questionable living circumstances and outlandish lifestyle choices some might question. For the most part I was naive and I didn’t really know who I was hanging around with. I had figured that if they were at uni they must not have been dangerous.

I spent money I did not have. Usually to buy things I did not need but only to fill a hole.


After my first eight weeks in Perignan, I lay in bed one night feeling lonely. I thought about how great it would be to have someone’s arms around me. It wash then I realised I had gone eight weeks without any real human toifu. I went from hugging my Dad every day to holding hands with my ex boyfriend and going to the cinema. I desperately missed that physical human connection.


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