Bullied by bloggers?

Are you someone who comments on your favourite blogger’s posts? Or someone who has received hateful comments on their posts?

I feel like a bit of a rant but I am going to put the brakes on and take it handy here.

After blogging for almost two years now, it seems the blogger fear has raised its unwanted head and is causing me some anxiety lately. We live in a society where everyone and their mother is either a blogger or and knows a blogger. When this is the case, it is inevitable that politics form alongside these online communities.

I feel that so many people are afraid to talk to each other honestly for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

I blame comment sections. You tend to find the worst of the worst on there.


Many content creators are happy to post media and leave it up without seeking advice or criticism. Personally, I have a small yet substantial number of loyal social media users in my community who can always call me out on something. I respect them for that.

For example if a post is sub standard or not fitting in with my general ‘Rebecca Doran Blog’ theme. Without these guys my blog would be a mess. I want to know about ways to improve.

Constructive Criticism

The only that keeps our blogs  growing is the fact that other people care about them. Many people will offer constructive criticism because they want to see you do well. However, some people are downright negative and it’s important to be able to distinguish between the two. For example.

Negative comment: You look gross from that angle

Constructive comment
: I prefer when you take the photo from a different angle, you can see your face better.

Push for criticism and promote positivity in your channel.


I was a long time follower and subscriber of Aisling for her successful blog ‘DramaticMac’. But it took one tiny thing to put me right off her. I didn’t like how she was speaking to her followers. In particular, those who did not agree with her. Followers and subscribers who are genuinely interested in your channel are those who feed your passion.

My turning point was when I commented on a photo of her. I said she looked beautiful but she was a bit hunched in her photos and she could improve that.


It didn’t long for one of the army of followers to launch an attack. This user cursed me out of it. Aisling happily took her side.

I thought, really? I mean could you imagine an esteemed YouTuber like JaclHill doing something like that

Why bring this up? This is just one of many examples. I see it happen so frequently with influencers I feel it is something people need to be called out on.

I wish Aisling every success. This is just one example and is not representative of her blog as a whole.

Since leaving these over politicised blogging groups, I feel much better. How can we grow our content if we are so hesistant to say anything. Do we join these group’s effectively just to stroke each other’s egos?

There are plenty of people out there who like to discuss their blogs and their strengths and weaknesses, in a healthy way.


Is this a post to whine and moan? It could be. But my message here is to take everything with a pinch of salt and accept criticism! Learn the difference between a hater and a critic. Don’t take everything so personally. Try to see where your followers might be coming from and it might be of benefit to your blog.

Have you ever had a run in with someone in a comments section? Was it over something you thought was perfectly reasonable? Did they take offence? Have you ever struggled to communicate back and forth with your favourite bloggers?



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