Barcelona…my heart is there 

Today, on the news it was reported that a truck drove the wrong down a road in Barcelona. The truck was driven down Ronda Del Litoral and ‘carregat de butà’ (loaded with gas cylinders). A time of panic and uncertainty.

My mind goes to the road, the location, the view, the smells. I think about where it happened and where everyone else was when it happened. Everyone I knew there. I missed Barcelona. I felt an instinctive sense of protection for the city.

Barcelona is an amazing city. Safe, sound and one of the most artistic locations in the world. My second home. Strangely, there is no where that quite compares to it.

It is a city where everything is okay. Dogs wear sweaters, the sky is blue, there is colour everywhere and young and old people share the streets. People are respectful – it is a lovely place to be.


I’ve been there four times. A couple of times for flying visits and once for a three-month stay.

I lived in the incredible Walden 7. It is a utopian style apartment building designed by world renowned architect  Ricardo Bofill. It’s blue all over and so different to anywhere I have ever stayed!

I just came across this web page and I am totally blown away (bcn you keep doing this to me). This was my next door neighbour in Barcelona. Ricardo Bofill, internationally renowned architect. He built the Walden 7, the utopian building I lived in when living in Barcelona. I cannot deal with his house!


It was overwhelming (in a good way) how there were so many things in such small proximity. In the one city, you have awesome beaches, the ocean, jagged mountains, the bustling city centre and the beautiful countryside.

Growing up on the flat plains of County Meath, I was now looking around at a completely different environment. But I loved that environment and all that that environment offered to me.

It can be a bit mad, same as any capital city. But they are streets ahead of Dublin. They have long, large boulevards for pedestrians, roads are clean and wide (you’re never shoved up against others), the buses come on time to the second and you can get public transport literally anywhere. You can take a bike, a bus, a tram, a metro, a funicular, a train etc.


Barcelona is a very animal friendly city. There are parrots in the trees, pet emporiums and dogs are so well looked after. They’re also allowed everywhere. Even inside shopping centres!

Lavender plants grow around residential areas so everyone is always chilled af, there are orange trees that line the main streets, like that tree in The Simpsons except instead of lemons they have oranges. It’s just fab.


Is it Barcelona dangerous? The orange trees, no. The city? Well, I was never pick pocketed. I go everywhere with a vice like grip on my hand bag, specifically over the opening. I do that everywhere. I am really vigilant. But even the most vigilant people can be fooled. Luckily, it has not happened to me.

Where would I not recommend? Les Rambles. I think I was there… hmm… three times in my life? For those of you not familiar with Les Rambles, it is a street where all the vendors set up shop and there is a large market and it leads down to La Barceloneta (beach). It’s pretty popular amongst tourists but I have never had much reason to go there.

I miss it and I long to go back. My future is here, in Ireland. But my heart will always in the Barcelona. Més que una ciutat.




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