How To Make Your Backgrounds Fabulously White…!

Bright photos grab are attention more than blurry dark photos, so it’s important to keep your photos sharp and full of light to get the best exposure for your content (pun unintended). I noticed a big difference in my Instagram theme (when I was on Instagram) when I changed to a ‘white theme’ and brightened my photos. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your blog photos gleaming white and bright, keep reading.

You don’t need Photoshop or a DSLR. You don’t even need foamboard. You need just one app. It is called ‘Snapseed‘.

This first photo was taken on my phone. It is an LGG4 Phone. The flash is set to on so the object received a lot of light when captured. There is a soft white wall behind the subject. I took the photo in my kitchen. You can see it comes up yellowish in the photo. It is not very aesthetically pleasing and not bound to catch the reader’s attention in a good way. Nevertheless, I liked the subject and the soft white wall could be manipulated to look like a pure white background.


Here is the photo after editing with Snapseed. I use the tool called ‘brush’ on crank the exposure up to 1.0 the maximum. I brush the parts of the photo I want to be lighter and safe the image. I repeat the process on the new image to make it even brighter again. Repeat until you reach the desired result.


Here is a before and after of the two photos


To download Snapseed onto your device, please follow the links below



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