Going back to the gym 

I’m sitting here with wobbly legs and an unusually fast beating heart. No, Leonardo di Caprio has not just walked into the room. Instead, I have been to the gym.

A few weeks ago I got my first car. It’s fab. I have freedom (with my accompanying driver) and there’s much less chance of me getting lashed on outdoors now. But I never realised how unfit I could become by just getting a car! There are no more heavy bags or back packs to lug about. No more walks to the bus stop and the occasional humiliating sprint to the bus is no more.

I had stopped going to the gym about eight months ago. I used to go sporadically, in short motivated spells. You see, in my head, I could only attend the gym under certain conditions. I had to have my tan on, nice gym clothes, nice after gym wear, and a good mode of transport to and from so I wouldn’t freeze after my shower.

Now, I realise how fortunate I am to have a free gym on site where I work, and my own locker. For the following reasons, I have told myself I no longer have a choice.

1. My gym is free.


2. I have stopped worrying about my appearance.

giphy (1).gif

3. I have a regular ride home after the gym.

giphy (2).gif

4. I am actually worried about my physical health (eek!).


5. I can now channel my surplus adrenaline in a healthy way.

giphy (4).gif

6. I choose what I want to do and how long for. No overdoing it.

giphy (5).gif

Are you fed up of #fitfam or gym selfies? Well you won’t get any more from me as I’ll be looking dire. Thanks for reading and if you have any gym tips, please let me know 🙂



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