Lion: Best Movie of the 2017!

This year I watched ‘Lion’. A true story of a man who found his way back to his birth family. He attempts to retrace his steps to his town in India, using Google Earth.

I am a frequent cinema goer. A cinephile if you will. I have a Limitless card for Odeon cinemas so I am in there at least once a week. It’s makes it a lot cheaper.

I have seen Lion twice now and I am definitely going to pre order the DVD.

The film is like nothing that’s ever been created before. It’s authentic and unique. The mix of tragedy and technology is a whirl wind for the viewer. I proper cried watching it. I don’t get emotional watching movies, very very seldom. It really touched my heart though.

‘Lion’ boasts a fantastic soundtrack with music from artists such as Sia, with her hit ‘Never Give Up’.


Nicole Kidman is amazing. She totally suited the role. Nicole plays Saroo’s adoptive mother.

The young child who plays Saroo will melt your heart. You will be rooting for him the whole way through the film.

The final credits and scenes broke me and I was in tears reading the facts at the end.

You gotta see this flick.




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