Benefit Cosmetics ‘Defined & Refined’ Brow Kit.

Two weeks ago I lost my tweezers moving apartment. I cannot believe how much I relied on them?

Recently, I am loving the look of natural, feathery brows. I went to see Fifty Shades Darker and I fell in love with Anastasia Steele’s makeup. It was natural and beautiful. I started to realise that I could style my brows feathery and light if I had the right tools.

I am ‘Instagram Brow’ girl. I go to town on my ABH Dipbrow Pomade. But there are only so many days I can pull off sharpie brows going to work. They can be extreme, especially since most mornings I am in a rush and they have that ‘drawn on look’.

Benefit Cosmetics Inc. kindly sent me their ‘defined & refined brows’ kit to review. It is available at your nearest Benefit Counter for €38.30. The kit includes a Brow Conditioner, Brow Definer, A Ruler (too cute) and the amazing Benefit High Brow Pencil (this thing rocks). I am a fan of brow products and I have so many different kits, pomades, powders, pencils. I was delighted to review the new Benefit Cosmetics Brow Kit. God knows I needed it!

IMG_9372 2

First thing I received was a spoolie. The most underrated tool in the history of makeup! It matches the revamped brow packaging and it comes with an angled brush on one end. It costs €22.50. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price. I bit my tongue and put it to the test. Oh. My. God. I felt like a queen. It is so luxurious and it feels like pure steel. It’s the real thing the professionals use! No messing here folks.

IMG_9390 2.jpg
IMG_9391 2

Next, I received this cute little ruler. I don’t actually use it when sculpting my brows but it adds a novelty touch to the kit.

IMG_9381 2.jpg

A brow primer is something I’ve never tried before. The Benefit Conditioning Primer is a treat to use. If I’m going out and I am using my ‘good makeup’, I reach for this every time.

IMG_9431 2.jpg

The brow definer. I left the best til last, see what I did there? This made my sparse brow dreams come though. I use the shade Medium. It has an ultra fine nib which is perfect for pencilling on brow hairs towards the front of your brows. The brow definer looks extremely impressive. It is hard to find a brow pencil that has a super skinny point. It is perfect for drawing on thin hairs. These products are hard to come by in general. It is the same width as the NYX Micro Brow Pencil, and a little thinner than the Maybelline Brow Satin Duo which has always been my holy grail. This is perfect for achieving a natural, feathery look. The packaging is gas, a real novelty. Don’t let that fool you though, it’s fierce sturdy at the same time! #nobreakage

IMG_9440 2

I was skeptical about the High Brow. I usually just use a light concealer and a flat brush to tidy up my eyebrows. I thought, is there really a need for this? Well it glides on beautifully and it doesn’t cake or like like an extra layer of makeup around my brows. I use this as a bottom lash highlight more than a brow fixer.


Who would I recommend this kit to? Anyone. It makes a beautiful gift and it’s such a luxurious touch to your collection.

Specifically though, I would recommend it for people with hard strong, hard to tame brows. The brow conditioner softens the hairs and brow define is small enough to fill in teeny gaps.


While I feel the price is excessive for something lacking some practicality, I have no doubt that this kit would make a beautiful gift and is a luxurious touch to your makeup desk.


View my product demonstration here :


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