Summer Road Trip to the Lakes

Is there anything better than jumping into a lake on a hot summer’s day? Well Collinstown Lakes is one of my favourite spots to go to in the summer.


For me growing up it wasn’t known as Lough Lene, it was ‘the lakes’. If Mam said we were going to ‘the lakes’, you could be sure we would be high as kites getting ready to go. It was a big occasion for us when we were sprogs. Going to the lakes meant  jumping off the jetty (which we thought was massive at the time) and getting a 99 ice cream, A rare treat.

The water is great! It is rather warm at the lakes. It is very still. It’s a perfect place to bring children. There’s no salt water obvs so your hair doesn’t feel as gross after.


There is a nice big area for kids and families. Always throw an eye on your children though. As safe as Lough Lene is, we want the kids to go there and come back in one piece.

When I was 5, I went there with my mam and my brothers and sisters. After swimming and having my bun, I went for a bit of a wander. I took a particular interest in an old shed that were bathrooms at the time. I sauntered around that part of the lake for a bit until my Mam found me. She was near Cardiac arrest at this point so it was good she found me when she did.

There are changing areas and bathrooms on site. There are rubbish facilities and life saving rings on site also.

The lakes are accessible by car. Search for the Lake Rd.on Google maps. You will spot a car park on your right (free parking) and the lakes are a short walk to the left.


I highly recommend this as a day out 🙂



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