How do they make innocent smoothies? 

Innocent smoothies are great. They’re quick food and they go down well.

I don’t often make smoothies. But when I do, it lasts three hours in the fridge before going a gooey brown colour.

I love Innocent smoothies.  I love walking into a store and picking something up that is deemed healthy and good for you.

These smoothies set you back about €3. They claim to only have healthy ingredients such as fruit, seeds and vitamins.

They are a fast way to keep yourself going throughout the day without snacking on unhealthy foods.

But I have been so curious to know how they retain their fruity goodness

So, Mr Innocent, if your smoothies are only fruit – how do they last so long?

After some trawling through the Internet I I soon found the magic step.

It is not an ingredient as you may think. Innocent smoothies do not include preservatives or additives.

Innocent’s method of producing long lasting smoothies is by pasteurising their content.

Pasteurization or pasteurisation[1] is a process that kills microbes (mainly bacteria) in food and drink, such as milk, juice, canned food, and others.

According to a systematic review and meta-analysis,[44] it was found that pasteurization appeared to qualitatively reduce concentrations of vitamins B12 and E, but it did increase concentrations of vitamin A. Given the available literature, it was not possible to quantitatively measure the effect of pasteurization on vitamins A, B12, and E.[44]

So there you have it.

They kill the core of the fruit so that they cannot actually go off.

I am probably gonna keep drinking Innocent Smoothies as I don’t feel there is anything potentially harmful or unhealthy about the process.


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