Summer Road Trip to the Lakes

Is there anything better than jumping into a lake on a hot summer’s day? Well Collinstown Lakes is one of my favourite spots to go to in the summer.


For me growing up it wasn’t known as Lough Lene, it was ‘the lakes’. If Mam said we were going to ‘the lakes’, you could be sure we would be high as kites getting ready to go. It was a big occasion for us when we were sprogs. Going to the lakes meant  jumping off the jetty (which we thought was massive at the time) and getting a 99 ice cream, A rare treat.

The water is great! It is rather warm at the lakes. It is very still. It’s a perfect place to bring children. There’s no salt water obvs so your hair doesn’t feel as gross after.


There is a nice big area for kids and families. Always throw an eye on your children though. As safe as Lough Lene is, we want the kids to go there and come back in one piece.

When I was 5, I went there with my mam and my brothers and sisters. After swimming and having my bun, I went for a bit of a wander. I took a particular interest in an old shed that were bathrooms at the time. I sauntered around that part of the lake for a bit until my Mam found me. She was near Cardiac arrest at this point so it was good she found me when she did.

There are changing areas and bathrooms on site. There are rubbish facilities and life saving rings on site also.

The lakes are accessible by car. Search for the Lake Rd.on Google maps. You will spot a car park on your right (free parking) and the lakes are a short walk to the left.


I highly recommend this as a day out 🙂



Lion: Best Movie of the 2017!

This year I watched ‘Lion’. A true story of a man who found his way back to his birth family. He attempts to retrace his steps to his town in India, using Google Earth.

I am a frequent cinema goer. A cinephile if you will. I have a Limitless card for Odeon cinemas so I am in there at least once a week. It’s makes it a lot cheaper.

I have seen Lion twice now and I am definitely going to pre order the DVD.

The film is like nothing that’s ever been created before. It’s authentic and unique. The mix of tragedy and technology is a whirl wind for the viewer. I proper cried watching it. I don’t get emotional watching movies, very very seldom. It really touched my heart though.

‘Lion’ boasts a fantastic soundtrack with music from artists such as Sia, with her hit ‘Never Give Up’.


Nicole Kidman is amazing. She totally suited the role. Nicole plays Saroo’s adoptive mother.

The young child who plays Saroo will melt your heart. You will be rooting for him the whole way through the film.

The final credits and scenes broke me and I was in tears reading the facts at the end.

You gotta see this flick.




Phoenix park and its furry inhabitants 

The Phoenix Park is west of Dublin City Centre and is the largest park in Europe. You can find the deer just beyond the Pope’s cross. It is rutting season at the moment so expect to see the stags dueling each other. There’s a lot of noise and clacking of antlers but it is amazing to see.


  • It is a walled city park.
  • The park was created in 1662!
  • It is 707 hectares making it one of the largest parks in Europe.
  • It is home to hundreds of deer who have free reign over the park since the 17th century.
  • The President of Ireland and the American Ambassador live in the Phoenix Park.

Summer Holidays in Lanzarote.

In September 2016, Myself and my better half visited Lanzarote. We opted for a one week stay in Puerto del Carmen. We decided to go on a typical cheap package trip that didn’t involve complicated museum visits, city tours or heaps of walking. We are so Wanderlust right?


Playa Blanca


In hope of finding beautiful aqua water and white sands we decided to broaden our horizons. We visited Playa Blanca. We walked along the boardwalk. On the way we peered into some beautiful resorts and admired the stone walls. They reminded me a lot of the stone walls in the west of Ireland.

Soon after, we ate at Sebastyians Greek Restaurant.I had the pork with honey and pineapple. It was simply divine.

Location, location, location

Lanzarote is a volcanic, black and barren island. This may be unappealing for some as it is not overrun with plush green lawns or yards. The majority of buildings are stark white in colour and some hotels can look out of place plonked in the middle of a quarry-type landscape.

Playa de Papagayo

Lanzarote is small, yet diverse. It has multiple communes but is dominated mostly by British Expats. Puerto Del Carmen is the strip, the urban section with shops and restaurants running along side the beach. It is right next to the airport so you can watch the planes going in and out.




Playa Blanca is a more beautiful place, with green sea, palm trees and less congestion.

Arrecife is the capital, with an impressive beach and commercial centre.

Arrieta is a surfer’s paradise, it is a small town in Haría with surfing schools. Based on the North of the island is windy making it slightly cooler but the waves are hard to beat.

We stayed in Hotel Aeqora Sentido Lanzarote. It is a modern four star hotel with apartment type rooms and over 368 vacancies. It boasts five pools and close proximity to Puerto Del Carmen beach.

Famaras Beach, Haría


Wifi is not readily available and when it is it is rarely very strong. Most attractions such as Rancho Texas, Beaches and popular restaurants will not have any wifi. Mobile data was good and strong enough for Google Maps, it will cost you a fortune so work offline where possible.




Things To Do To Stop Feeling Blue

If you are being treated for depression, an anxiety disorder or another kind of mental illness you could be feeling numb and sad for periods at a time. There are gentle activities you can do to restore your sense of energy and control, in a natural way. The following are some of the most well proven methods for people battling the blues and feeling down. You may already be practicing some of the methods listed below, each one is unique in itself and can bring joy and peace back into your life. It’s about time you started feeling like the old you again.

1. Jump In The Sea

Wait! That is not what it sounds like. I mean go bathing in the sea. I promise, you won’t get hypothermia. Besides, since when should you not trust a total stranger online? Seriously though, feeling numb and lethargic are common symptoms of depression and side effects of antidepressants. My favourite spots are Killiney and Howth. They are easily accessible by DART (train). The beach is a short distance away and the water is clean and safe.

2. Walk Your Dog

Ok, so you need a dog for this one. Dog walking can be a very rewarding experience. Have you ever seen a dog who bowed his head sadly when asked if they wanted to go for a walk? No? Me neither. Dogs are emotional, sentient beings. Dogs too can suffer with anxiety and depression. Countless studies have proven that dogs experience common human emotions. Dogs can feel joy and grief, pride and shame. This is what creates the accessible relationship you have with your dog. A dog can tell if their owner is worrying or sad. Human beings secrete a hormone when they feel fear or anxiety, it is the fight or flight hormone known as butyric acid. Dogs can pick up this scent when we sweat. Dogs are astonishingly astute when it comes to picking up human emotions. If you look at your dog right now what are they doing? Chances are they are sitting in close proximity, or even watching you.

3. Clean Your Room

It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise. If you have two loads of washing, bookshelves that haven’t been dusted in months and clutter everywhere – pick one task. It may not sound like a lot, but removing the clutter will have a parallel effect on your head. Upon completing it, the chances of you continuing to accomplish the other tasks are high. It will make you feel good and less likely to spend money online on makeup and clothes.

4. Hike or Hill-Walk

The outdoors have a phenomenal healing power and reinstates an original feeling of perspective. You don’t need to travel to the  French Pyrenees. You can find a hill nearby, somewhere with a gentle incline where you can walk at a slow enough pace without finishing the route in five minutes. I like to do the Howth Cliff Walk. You barely notice the incline as you will be so mesmerised  by the exotic scenery.

5. Forced Interaction

This one is my favourite. When we feel low, we remove ourselves from social situations and physical interaction. Personally, I will avoid lengthy or meaningless conversations in person. This is a natural reaction I exert in order to avoid feeling fearful or irritable. It is a method I learned over time and I truly believe that forced interaction will save you from yourself. Forcing yourself to go out in public or to partake in a social activity with friends will open your channels of communication both physically and mentally. It is scary at first and will not ‘cure’ you overnight. It will however do more good than bad.